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Self Drive Minibus Hire

We are aware that our customers have unique personalities that call for unique preferences. Just because a group of customers prefer to have our company assign a driver to the minibus they have hired does not mean that everyone else would also want the same. There are those who would prefer to drive themselves, or to choose a driver whom they know or are familiar with. It is for that reason that we have added the self drive minibus hire to our list of services.

Do not think that just because we will not be the one to assign the driver, the level of service that you would get would be considerably lower than usual. You will get the same high quality minibus, the same high quality customer service, and the same additional perks that go with the service. We won't charge you a higher price, too. As a matter of fact, you will probably even save more because you don't have to pay for the services of our driver anymore.

Minibus Durham is well-known for its fleet of well-maintained minibuses that are constantly kept in excellent operating condition. In our maintenance workshop, our able technicians and engineers are tasked to keep our minibuses spotless, hygienic, and free from potential defects. In this way, our customers would never be subjected to unclean surroundings, untimely breakdowns and accidents during their trip. This is especially important for our self drive minibus hire service, because we do not want our customers to be worrying about having to deal with a mechanical failure while driving the minibus.

It is easy to avail of our self drive minibus hire service. Before turning our minibus over to you, we only want proof that your designated driver is licensed and qualified to drive. We would also appreciate any proof of his skills and proficiency, particularly in navigating Durham streets and routes. We do not really require expert familiarity with Durham, only proof that your driver will be able to handle himself behind the wheel.

During the trip, we also want our customers to have the usual perks that come with riding a Minibus Hire Durham minibus. Did you know that the entertainment systems we have installed in our minibuses are state of the art? That is to give you the best kind of entertainment while riding our minibus. There are also drink coolers inside our minibuses to keep you hydrated and refreshed. We know that there are some passengers who would prefer to watch the passing scenery in a way other than viewing it through the window. Thus, we have turned the minibus roof to be a sliding roof, so you can slide it open, pop your head through it, and have a whole new exciting sightseeing experience.

Do not worry that we will charge you a higher rate for our self drive minibus hire. Minibus Hire Durham has established itself as the minibus hire service provider in town that offers the lowest and cheapest rates, and that applies to all our services. Our customer service is also something we take great pride in. Our customers are bound to need other things that may not even be related to transportation. Feel free to approach us if you need any assistance, whether it has something to do with your accommodations or even your itinerary or list of places to visit while in Durham.

We believe in bending over when there is a need for it, and we believe in providing whatever the customers need. Therefore, if you have some other preferences, aside from our self drive minibus hire, we would be willing to go over them with you. Just give Minibus Hire Durham a call, and we'll get to it right away.

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